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Sheikh Zayed Towers : The search for excellence in one place

Zed Towers

Zed Towers

Zed Towers (El Sheikh Zayed Towers) is one of the biggest and newest projects of Aura company which is owned by the famous businessman Naguib Sawiris, its considered one of the most wonderful residential areas in Egypt and now I will tell you all the details and information about Zed Towers.

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Zed Towers

The Sheikh Zayed Towers project is one of the mega projects that have been specially designed in order to make people live more comfortable.


Where housing in the Sheikh Zayed area provides people with the most developed lifestyle and the best levels of creativity, as this project is concerned with innovations that aim to improve living and facilitate the people’s life.

Zed Towers is one of the best compounds in Egypt that gives customers the freedom to choose the best residential units and It gives more comfort to its residents far away from the city noise.

Zed Towers
Zed Towers

The location and land area of ​​Zed Towers

1.Zed Towers is located in El Sheikh Zayed City Near October and New Cairo.

2.It is built on an area of 85 acres and the project is divided into a group of residential towers which differs in spaces and prices.

  1. Zed Towers includes a group of 10-storey towers and a group of 20-storey residences with modern design.

This is much similar to the skyscrapers in Dubai, and this indicates the development of the standard of living and the high welfare of the residents, moreover, the units are delivered fully finished and with the best modern designs.

? What are the designs provided by Zed Towers

The Sheikh Zayed Towers is led by the latest best international designs, as the Sheikh Zayed City was established in an innovative and modern Under supervision of Watg London company and its experts.

And if you do not know about the Watg London company, it is one of the best real estate companies, as that company contribute In the making the final designs of the El Sheikh Zayed Towers project.

As it blends modern and urban designs, which suits all tastes, the towers overlook the largest and most wonderful park in Sheikh Zayed City, which gives a better feeling for the people residing in the city.

: Information about El Sheikh Zayed Park

El Sheikh Zayed Park opened by Eng. Mustafa Fahmy, who is the president of development in the Sheikh Zayed.

This park contains the largest amusement park in the Middle East, due to its huge area, which consists of 65 acres, and many investors spent money to build it near about 170 million pounds.

This park contains vast green spaces, dense trees and many flowers with different colours, and there are special places for sitting as well as a track dedicated to running.

You can also enjoy cycling and practice walking daily, as it is the best entertainment garden to spend and enjoy your day with your family and friends.

Because of its special design that is different from any other park as this feature adds more fun and joy to people.

This distinctive Park design goes back to the French way through the help of Watg London company.

El Sheikh Zayed Features

  • Include a health club with all possible activities and entertainment for all requirements.
  •  Includes a gym and spa with the highest level of sophistication.
  • Includes a supermarket and small stores selling the latest and famous international clothing brands.
  • Surrounded by wide green spaces to enjoy the most beautiful view of the residential units, with cheerful flowers and green trees colors.
  •  Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers contains the best international restaurants and cafes that provide hotel services at the highest level.
  • There are places dedicated to cycling and places for walking and running، there are places designated for parking too.
  • There are many swimming pools and stunning artificial lakes, as well as distinctive-looking dancing fountains.
  • It is also concerned with the educational aspect, so there is an international school in it.
  • There are places dedicated to elevators to facilitate the process of moving in the tower.
  • Although there are regular supervision and cleaning services, there are also places dedicated to throwing garbage for people who carry out the cleaning process on their own.
  • There is a strict security service to secure the residents inside the compound.
  • There is a special park for children with entertainment  games.
  • There are many hotels and there is a large 5-star hotel.

: Prices and spaces in the Sheikh Zayed

Zed El Sheikh Zayed Towers contain various prices for its areas, as it considers a residential and commercial  project that offers many advantages and services to its residents.

Continuing to the aforementioned, Zed Towers is divided into residential towers consisting of 10 floors and others consisting of 20 floors.

The price per square meter in Naguib Sawiris Towers in Sheikh Zayed starts from 23,000 pounds, so now I will show you all the information about areas and prices in El Sheikh Zayed Towers.

  • Apartment with an area of ​​57 square meters, containing one room, its price starts from  1,280,000 pounds.
  • Apartment with an area of ​​63 meters, containing one room, its price starts from  1,630,000 pounds
  • Apartment with two bedrooms and area 102m²  its price starts from  2,660,000 pounds.
  • Apartment with bedroom apartment and area 135 m2 its price starts from 3,230,000 pounds.
  • Apartment with an area of ​​162 meters, 3 bedrooms, its price starts from 3,840,000 pounds.
  • Apartment with an area of ​​223 square meters, 3 bedrooms, price starts from 4,890,000 pounds.

This prices with 15% down payment and the rest of it are installments over 6 years, without interest.

? What are the payment methods for housing in Zed Towers

There are various payment systems that differ according to the area and the residential unit, and this diversity is a good and suitable solution for all customers.

As a principal, only 10% to 15% is paid as an advance of the value of the residential unit, and then the payment is made monthly for 6 years without any interest.


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