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Oya Towers Mall the administrative capital

Oya Towers Mall the administrative capital

Oya Towers Mall the administrative capital the most recent mega projects in the capital

 Which is a huge commercial project in the form of giant towers that includes many commercial and administrative units and also includes hotel apartments, which is one of the services of this global edifice

 As this project is directed towards everything new and innovative and everything that can be offered for investment for anyone looking for an investment unit that benefits from it in the future and improves the standard of living in the midst of a balanced approach, an ecosystem and distinct community standards


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Oya Towers Mall administrative capital

It is worth noting that the executing company, Edge Holding is always keen to choose the distinguished location to implement its project

whether in the capital or elsewhere, as this project will be implemented in the most important and vital areas and it is also the best commercial and investment area in the New Administrative Capital for which all large companies

Oya Towers Mall the administrative capital

Where the Oya Towers New Capital project is located in the Down Town area, specifically in the MU19 area

 which is one of the best and most prestigious commercial areas favored by the giant investment companies. The entire project is built on 4 main roads in the capital and is located directly on the Bin Zayed South axis

On the Green River, which is the largest central park in the world, and is located next to the famous Al-Masa Hotel, which is a distinctive tourist destination within the New Administrative Capital

Oya Towers New Capital services

It is located in a unique place to meet all places and areas surrounding the project and works to meet all basic needs of life, including these services

Large green spaces

Land scape

Industrial water lakes

Conference and banquet rooms

Many areas for entertainment and picnics

A large commercial area with all your needs

24-hour security and guarding

Surveillance cameras throughout the day

Swimming pool

Area banks and insurance companies

Petroleum companies

The corporate sector

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

And the largest mosque in the Middle East on an area of 68 acres, the Masjid of Egypt

Oya Towers Mall the administrative capital
Oya Towers Mall the administrative capital

 spaces for the Oia Towers New Capital project

Different prices differ in a variety in a variety of variety to suit different types

Prices are as follows

The price per square meter for the commercial property starts from 100,000

As for the administrator, the price per square meter starts from 30,000 thousand

The price per square meter in the hotel apartments starts from 30,000,000

As for the methods for each unit, it is as follows

Commercial units pay a reservation amount of 50 thousand pounds

Administrative units paid 20 thousand Egyptian pounds

Hotel hotels that pay an amount of 50 thousand Egyptian pounds

In the end, Oya Towers Mall, the administrative capital the most recent mega projects in the capital. We wish you a good and useful reading


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