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Iris Mall the administrative capital ايريس مول

Iris Mall the administrative capital

Iris Mall the Administrative Capital considered one of the best commercial and international malls in the New Administrative Capital and Cairo

As it characterized by its distinguished location, huge spaces and stunning views that attract many people around the world

The New Administrative Capital is located near the Cairo-Suez Road and the Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road on the borders of Badr City, near the east of the Regional Ring Road, and 60 kilometers from Cairo Governorate

بيراميدز هيلز
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Iris Mall the administrative capital

In the Iris mall you will also find all the facilities and services that meet all your needs

 And the shops that carry international brands for all marketing enthusiasts as well as equipped medical clinics

 You can also start a new project and book a shop inside the largest malls in Cairo. Popular with best rates and multi-year payment offers

?What are the best features in Iris Mall the administrative capital

The most distinctive feature of this mall is the excellent location located in the New Administrative Capital on the axis of hope in plot MU23 near the Olympic Village between plots R2 and R3

 Where it bounded on the south by the Green River and bounded to the north by My City, Future City, Badr City and Suez Road

?What are the most important services features in Iris Mall  

This mall contains a distinguished set of services

Ares Mall has a set of services that are commensurate with the size of the project and the population density that it expected to serve

As the developer has taken into account all the details that make it the ideal mall for buying and renting commercial units in the New Capital

 And among the most important services of Iris Administrative Capital Mall

Medical clinics equipped with the latest equipment

Escalators and elevators for customer convenience

Private meeting rooms and private reception areas

A children’s area with many modern children’s games

Central air conditioning for the comfort of visitors

Fire alarm devices and special fire extinguishers

The mall has a specialized management company that runs the largest malls

A private garage with a capacity of more than 400 cars

Full maintenance, customer service and concierge service

The mall contains a security system, electronic gates and surveillance cameras distributed throughout the mall

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Space of Iris Mall

This mall has been established on an area of 6844 meters, where the units have been allocated to 3 commercial and garage Iris Mall the Administrative Capital considered one of the best commercial and international malls in the New Administrative Capital and Cairofloors, 5 administrative and medical floors

 And the role of hotel rooms, and the area of this mall is divided as follows

The administrative and medical units space start from 60 meters

Commercial units space starts from 62.5 meters

Administrative and medical units delivered fully finished

Commercial units delivered without finishing

As for administrative offices and company headquarters, they start from 60 square meters, up to 150 square meters, and are delivered semi-finished or without finishing

 The company -keen to provide the owners with the choice of interior decoration for offices and companies according to the identity of the company and the taste and activity of the administrative office




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